An old world feel from the moment you get off at Keleti Train Station. There is much history under the layers of dirt from time and neglect. Please don’t let my negative comments sway you from seeing this great and old city. After you make your way out of the sketchy train station and wander around you will see a beautiful city with many secrets.

This man was waiting to greet me at the corner with his belly wore from rubs. I feel like I could outrun him.

On one of my stops from the subway, I walked up steps to a festival in full swing with dancing, fresh food cooking, and music. I spent a few hours deciding on what I wanted for lunch and watched the street performers.

Wandering around I found local treats and homemade crafts that I recognized from my Hungarian grandmother’s house. The same red pattern of tablecloths and napkins brought back great memories of family dinners of the same food I was seeking in the city. This is a big reason I travel, its to reconnect with your past if only by a pattern or a smell.


There are so many grand stone building with complex curly ends and detailed columns, don’t forget to look up.

Széchenyi thermal bath

What an amazing place to spend all day relaxing. There is no need to leave for lunch either, they have it covered with local favorites such as hearty goulash.

On walking in the grand entrance you will come to the ticket and information area where you get a ticket with either locker use or cabin use. You can also buy or rent towels, bathing suits, swimming caps, and more.

There are 3 outdoor 15 indoor, multiple saunas, steam rooms, and massage rooms. If you need a break after eating lunch there are lots of places to wander around and explore.

The different baths range in temperature from 60 to 100 degrees.

As you can see I was here on a sunny day and I was so impressed I spend all day here. I recommend this bath house to everyone.