Reclining Buddha

This is the huge reclining Buddha with its pearl feet together at the far end. When you enter this temple, after you take your shoes off and place then in a mesh bag to carry with you, you are able to walk almost all the way around the grand Buddha. Walking in you start at the head facing front and walk down to the feet. There are displays along the walls with the history and places to pray. When you finally wrap around the feet and start walking towards the head you will hear the tink tink tink of coins going into medel pots all down the wall makes a wonderful and unexpected background when seeing this giant golden reclining Buddha.

This video is the only way I could think to show the scale of this Buddha.

Thailand ◇ Temples

With a few shoes out front and a warm breeze blowing down the center on the small temple off the busy road filled with tourist. This line could describe many small temples all over Thailand. Taking the side roads is part of how I travel and I am able to get a better feel for the area I am in. I have walked many miles and found some unbelievable places hidden from the guidebooks.

There is so much more wonder for me personally when I simply glance at a tourist map and explore,better know as getting lost, in back roads and alleys. Wondering where the mass of daily commuter and travels aren’t going gives a better feel for what the real city is like. I was given some advice before I left to get off of the well traveled sight seeing path. Even if you are a backpacker, there are still common hot spots a majority  of them end up finding. The advice I received was simple, get off the beaten path. Whether  it is going to the next town over, or going a few blocks down from where you are right now.  You can literally do this from everywhere, even your own home. Find a new bar, hidden shop, or local gem just behind your block.

River City boat dinner cruise in Bangkok 

A little chaos before you get in the correct boat,but after you board and are seated you will enjoy what you paid for more.

The dinner curse is an all you can eat buffet with the drinks an extra cost. I had my mother in town to see me so we booked a relax dinner tour of the the city at night. The views  were very nice if you make it outside or sit on the window side. We made sure to get a few plates of thai food and took our dessert right away so we sat the rest of dinner laughing over piles of plates and trying new food off eachothers plates. When we finally had enough and the plates were clear we moved to the back deck the watch the city roll by.

It’s a large boat and there is entertainment and dancing on the top level of the boat. Dinning is set up on the mid-level and the lower level seemed to be empty besides the wait for the restrooms.


The food was good and saw nothing to complain about. When I booked the tour, there were other dinner boats that cost more and other that cost less. But I was perfectly happy with the food and the entertainment. There were singing acts that would rotate from the dining rooms giving us a show with our dinner. I’m sure the higher you paid for the dinner cruise the better food, service, and entertainment. Like I said before our food was good, and some of the entertainment was interesting and my mom and I will be talking about it for years to come.


Temple of the Dawn 


Temple of the Dawn is one of the top temples to see in Bangkok, but it must be seen at night also. What an amazing sight to see from across the river all lite up. When you are on the other side of the river looking for a place to see the temple in all its pretty lights you may find it hard to sneak a peak in the alleys on the river edge. I finally gave up after being in dark not so pretty areas and went to a restaurant for a drink and took all the photos I wanted.

Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai Thailand is a no ride all love animal park. Close to one hundred elephants, water buffalo, and countless dogs have been taken here for a better life. The staff is amazing to the animals and were able to answer all of the questions that came up. I stayed at the park for the 2 day – overnight in my own large room with shared back porch. The room was beautiful and large,not at all what I was thinking when the paperwork said I would be sleeping in a hut. For two days my group of new friends from all over the globe helped feed, river washed and loved on elephants on the large parcel of land. The elephants are locked up at night to protect them from things that go bump in the night in a secluded area of Chang Mai. Just an amazing place to be for a few days, I cant say enough good things. Elephant Nature Park Click on the link to set up your own amazing encounter.